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What we do?

Peruvian Spices is an online shop dedicated to selling spices and seasoning to make different Peruvian dishes. We promise to give you through your senses all the taste, secrets, and magic of Peruvian traditional food. For that reason, Peruvian Spices’ objective is to develop new products and innovate hand in hand with technology and offer you constantly a better experience for our international clients.

Peru is the origin of some of the most delicious chili peppers on the pepper scale, though none are popular staples outside of their native land. In Peru, though, some of these chilies share condiment space right beside those salt and pepper staples. It’s a culture that loves its heat – and peppers with a lot of nuance behind the spice.

Emaran beginnings

Emaran SAC has thirty-one years of founded in Arequipa. They are currently positioned in the whole south of Peru as the most recognized brand of seasonings and spices. Batán increases its popularity that achieves get in Bolivian and Chilean markets.


Our mission

We want to show you through BATAN products how much delicious is our Peruvian gastronomy. We hope to share our amazing flavor with the entire world.


Our vision

We would like to be recognized as the most complete online shop dedicated to sell and promote Peruvians seasoning.

Our Values