About Products

Introduction to Arequipa

Arequipa is the second most populated city in Peru after Lima is popularly named too like “The white city”. Its constructions are made of white ashlar, volcanic rock formed by lava of the imposing Misti, originated this characteristic name. Constructions reflect the tonality in impressive houses, convents, and churches of the colonial era. Through Batán we want to express all flavors, traditions, and culture of Arequipa city.

Where grown Batán products?

About products, Batán products grown in Arequipa grounds, we are associated with many farmers to obtain the largest variety of spices and seasonings. Our products are made respecting the natural cycle of every ingredient we use. We select and dry in the sun our fruits, to be ground at the end. Emaran does not use any chemical process to obtain finals products. We are deeply committed to the environment.